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Welcome to "Bringing It Back" Productions. Here, we offer an appealing selection of services for the Singer, Performer, Musician, or Business. Whether you are a Professional Entertainer or a Shower-Star, we want to help you achieve high quality without sacrificing your savings. Here, you can look and sound like a professonal at an affordable rate. We have compiled convenient packages that offer you everything you need and don't need. Just pick your package and add what you see fit. It's that easy.
We offer Recording Services from $50 and Complete Packages from $425. We can design anything you need to promote you or your business... CDs, Business Cards, Fliers, Posters, Poster Cards, Rack Cards, Letterheads, or T-shirts. We also offer transer and conversion services for out-dated media. We do all this cheaper because we are a small local business, have a home-based studio, and we want to help out the little guy..or gal. Let us work for you!
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